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2 Roots or 2 Rasin (ra-seen) on tour in Denver, Colorado USA
playing at "Unit E" October 27, 2012
sharing the stage with 
Mute Man's Microphone
Wheelchair Sport's Camp

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2 Rasin has been working together for the past 3 years. May 2004 we were introduced and ever since then, we've been working on perfecting Mona's original music by adding parts, lines, harmony, breaks, animation and dance.

Here are the members:

Mona Augustin, songwriter, guitarist, lead vocalist
Ronald Bluntschli, lead guitarist
Levy accompanying guitar and vocals
Welele, percussionist
Nicole Emilien Nicolas, vocal
Carla Bluntschli, violin, vocal

Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Screen writer, painter

Mona Augustin is a long time and well-known musician in Haiti, and the Caribbean. He has performed in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic as
well as in many different groups in Haiti.

His sole inspiration is to bring originality to the
music scene not just in Haiti but to the world.

His songs are inspired by the world he perceives around him and the need for love and unity that can change the world.

2 Roots 2 Rasin is honored to have a part to his music, words and harmony to bring to the ears of those who love acoustic music.

"Blan Sanba"

Blan Sanba, Ron's radio name that kind of stuck to him from the Creole radio program "Chimen Memwa" he participated in with Foundation N a Sonje in 2003-04.

Like all the musicians in 2 Rasin, Ron has been playing guitar all his life, but it's the first time actually playing in a group!

Ron plays with fingerpicks and pulls out great lines to Mona's music inspired by the music and the energy of the music.

Ron's principal work is writing a book about his spiritual journey that incorporates his experiences in Haiti since he and his wife and 3 daughters came to Haiti in 1985. He also works hard to produce a vegetable gardens in the mountain home/compound where he and his wife along with the Nicolas family reside.


Levy is a seasoned musician in Haiti and is also from the beautiful mountain town of Carise, the same as Nicole. Levy has played and sung in many different groups throughout his career and provides great harmony and guitar blends for Mona's original music.


Welele (his mother named him Raymond Noel, but everybody knows him by Welele, his theatre and street nickname) is a gifted musician, poet, journalist and human being!

Welele just completed his first album of poetry put to original and traditional music accompanied by musicians of 2 Roots and other.

Nicole Emilien Nicolas

Nicole is a nurse by profession, but passionate and enthusiastic about singing, dancing and drumming! Nicole is not only a fine nurse who supervises at a major hospital the TB HIV program, but she is an accomplished and unusual "tanbou" (drums) player. It is not common to see a woman playing the tanbou.

Nicole grew up in Carise, in the North Department and is one of 9 children. She is married to Harry Nicolas and has 2 boys, Nick Nduta and Joel Mugambi.

"Tant Ka" a nickname her community gave her and which she used
for the radio program "Chimen Memwa".

Another lifer, playing the violin and singing since childhood, this is a childhood dream of Carla's, to sing and play in a band. It is also a very new thing, to play without written music in front of her, a little daunting, considering everyone else is very good at that!